Gastrointestinal Health is Longevity Health

Gastrointestinal function and ecology are critical to your longevity health. Gastrointestinal health is longevity health. The undigested food in your digestive system often becomes the breeding ground for the development of potentially harmful bacteria that live in your bowl, and thus influences your health and well-being.

Your gastrointestinal tract (GT) is composed of your mouth and teeth, your esophagus and stomach, your small and large intestines. These digestive organs, together with your liver, kidneys, and pancreas, not only digest your food but also assimilate nutrients from what you eat and drink. Therefore, your GT plays a pivotal role in your overall health and wellness. There is absolute truth in the statement: “Death begins at the colon.” Your gastrointestinal health immunizes you from many diseases and disorders that are enemies to your longevity health.

To optimize your gastrointestinal health, you must not overstress your GT.

Avoid eating refined and processed foods and sugar. Any food item in the supermarket that comes in a can, box or carton is most probably processed. All processed foods are loaded with chemicals, and all refined foods are deprived of nutrients that may benefit your gastrointestinal health.

Do not unduly stress your GT by overeating or failing to chew your food adequately.

Drinking water or any liquid during a meal tends to dilute your digestive juices, and thus weakens the digestive process in the GT.

Excess alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine also impair your digestive function.

Use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs is also damaging to your GT. Remember, all pharmaceutical drugs are chemicals, and as such, they are toxic to your body system, including your GT.

Lack of fiber and inadequate enzymes in your diet may also be contributing factors to an unhealthy GT. Get your fiber from beans, vegetables, and fruits, such as apples; a regular raw diet provides you with enzymes to assist your digestion.

Your digestive health is essentially a reflection of your lifestyle.

To optimize your digestive function, you need to re-balance your diet and change your lifestyle. To change your lifestyle is more challenging than re-balancing your diet. Your GT, like the rest of your body, also needs a break every now and then in order to recuperate. Fasting for internal cleansing is the best option, especially for the GT. However, if you think a water fast is too much for you, consider a juice fast – that is, you drink only juices from fresh vegetables or fruits for one or two days to cleanse your body system. Fasting for internal cleansing for gastrointestinal health is a must for longevity health.