The Side Effects of a Drug That’s Able to Empty Your Stomach Quickly

Apo-domperidone is used to cure gastrointestinal disorders by effecting movements of the intestines and bowels in the gastrointestinal tracts. Also known as domperidone, this substance is extensively used against vomiting and conditions of bloating.

In combination with other substances, domperidone is also used in conditions like radiation treatments, chemotherapy, and reduction of acid reflux and also in Parkinson’s disease. Apart from these uses, domperidone is commonly used by people who have traveling sickness to reduce nausea and vomiting during travel.

Domperidone is a well tolerated and moderated medication and is taken quite positively by most of the patients consuming this substance, but as is the case with other medications, there are some side effects associated with this drug usage and these are seen in about 1% of all the patients undergoing domperidone consumption. Most of the Apo-domperidone side effects are not lethal and may alleviate within a few days of occurrence.

Breast enlargement and leakage of milk, apart from mild headache, dryness in the mouth and changes in the menstrual cycle are some of the most commonly experienced side effects of the drug usage. Apart from these, hot flashes are also known to have been caused by excessive drug usage. Some of the lesser known and experienced side effects of drug usage include trembling in hands, being off balance at times, having trouble in walking and maintaining balance and experiencing unusual movements of the mouth, eyes, jaws or nose. This particular also stimulates the pituitary gland and also results in increasing milk production- this fact is taken both as a side effect, and an effective cure to breast feeding problems.